Mildly obsessed with these leggings, which fit like a dream and make your legs look like pipes!
— Alice Tate @alice_tate
Genuinely the most comfy, well made activewear I’ve tried. Honestly love it!
— Lizzie Carr @lizzie_outside
Amazing stuff and the best quality.
— Blaise Dyer @blaisedyer
Collaborating with some amazing brands, had to try on the @gibsongirlsport first though, this is AMAZING, it’s an independent label that looks good and works.
— @stylustonline
Put my [Genius] vest to the test. Incredible performance and design.
— Happy Customer
Super, super flattering... Another great option for those in search of stylish yet functional gym wear.
— Alexandra Miro @alexandramiro
They look great, they feel great, I feel great. I wouldn’t be without them. It honestly makes me sad when they are in the wash.
— Becks Sayre @slendersayce
[Genius Tank] Fits perfectly. I love the feel of the fabric and the design is so flattering and slimming.
— Leigh Fergus @BeFitLondon
Most comfortable outfit I own for both working out and leisure!
— @purely_palmer
The most flattering gym kit in the world.
— Lydia Millen @lydiaemillen
“The leggings, WOW… they are incredible, feel like a second skin and just the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn – beautiful for yoga.
— Happy Customer
Sweat-tested these leggings from @gibsongirlsport today – loved them!
— Wood & Luxe
The comfiest leggings EVER, so super stretchy and long – I don’t think I’m ever going to take them off 👍🏻
— @nutritious_nicky
You know you love your new [On Point] leggings when you wash them straight after morning class to be ready for the evening one!
— Tanya Mckenzie-Gordon
I’m totally in LOVE with my new Gibson Girl outfit!! It’s such gorgeous quality and fits like a dream!
— Georgia Jones @themodelsthatmet
Comfortable, flattering and the attention to detail is amazing!
— Zoe @dresslikeamum
They are amazing I love them, so comfy!
— Amy Neville @amynevillemodel
First day back at the gym after Xmas! Wasn’t so bad because I got to wear my new @gibsongirlsport work out clothes – love, love, love them! So flattering!
— Sarah Baily @bailybags
I came across your brand at Stylist Live, no other way to put it... basically fell in love!
— Rosalind Shimmen
The quality of these has blown my mind, worth every penny... they actually make my butt look better!
— Nicol Wong
Absolutely LOVE your brand. My boyfriend bought me a pair of leggings for Christmas and I am in love with them!
— Happy Customer