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Our Story

What's in a name?

The original "Gibson Girls" were the "It" girls of the late 19th century. Illustrated in the pages of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, there was an emergence of athletic women newly empowered to enter the workplace as an equal to man. These women enjoyed golf and, in particular, cycling around Central Park (NYC) while still looking fabulous!

Their pioneering spirit and their equally powerful love of style is the source of our inspiration.

Modern Gibson Girls are superwomen with jam-packed diaries juggling work, family commitments and a social life. Exercise is an intrinsic part of their hectic schedule. With a bit of sweaty hard work and perfectly designed gym gear, these women can be proud of their strong and fit selves.


The Collection

We are passionate and proud of our high performing, fashion forward activewear for women. GIBSON GIRL sportswear is for independent, confident and cool women – with high expectations.

A flattering fit is at the core of everything we create. We have designed (and re-designed) each style to deliver perfectly proportioned, ergonomically constructed pieces to create the most complimentary lines possible. Tummies look flatter, bottoms seem to lift and waists appear to lose an inch or so. It’s been tried and tested on every "body type". Elevating a woman’s self confidence is an integral part of the GIBSON GIRL ethos and what our activewear range stands for.

We are proud of our highly engineered, hi-tech fabrics with 4-way stretch and recovery properties; crucial elements in creating the best-fitting, sculpting activewear for women.

Whatever your sport of choice may be - a quick run around the park, a super sweaty HIIT or spin class, yoga or pilates - there should be something in the collection that’s perfect for you and your active lifestyle. If not, we'll eat our own tights! Well, not quite but get in touch as we'd love your feedback and our collection is always in development.


Behind the brand

Our amazing team have a ton of relevant experience behind us:

Design and Development is a medley of super talent  -  ex Barbour, Whistles, Musto to name a few. A great mix of Cool Style & High Fashion with True Performance Sportswear.

We are so proud of our Customer Service. They are a kind and considerate bunch that are always smiling (even before coffee!) They’ll make sure that anything related to your online buying or shipping & returns process is as straightforward as is humanly possible.

Our Gibson Girl geeks take care of Marketing and Social- They never put their devices down… not for a second…

Then there’s our growing Gang members that are inspirational women who love our gear & we chuck a ton of love back - check out our  INSTASHOP  page to shop their faves directly from Instagram!