F45 // London Bridge

This weekend I hot-footed it to a class that seems to be the hottest ticket in town: F45 is in London Bridge, combining cardio and weights simultaneously to create a streamline class that gets you incredibly fit but also lean and toned. It's always a circuit, but that's about the only thing that remains constant. The moves, the weights and the on/off splits are always mixed up to keep you on your toes – every session. 

The Saturday classes have become so popular that you're lucky to grab a place and most weekday slots are fully booked too! I signed myself up for 2 classes gearing up for their weekend sweat sessions. Let's just say I'll be back!

I put the Gibson Girl sweat wicking technology to the test – jumping, crunching and spinning my way though the class. Matching weights and cardio perfectly, I was continuously challenged and not once checking the clock. Those 45 minutes flew by. 40 seconds on and 20 seconds rest with 27 different exercises is one sure fire way to keep things interesting. And keep that sweat dripping! 

Think I proved myself to be a real Gibson Girl, are you up the the challenge?