Festive Spin Class

Over the Christmas season everything seems to slow down... People are more chatty in the office, everyone asks about Christmas plans, whole weeks seem to revolve around social plans. I for one am loving it, but it's also my favourite time of year to hit the gym or try a new class. They're so quiet, and often they're more fun in a bid to get you in! 

This week I'm booked in to a new class every day, including last night's spin with fellow Gibson Girl lover, Tally Rye. We sprinted, climbed and danced to an incredibly festive playlist, cheering each other on along the way. 

A photo posted by Harriet (@harrietlifts) on

A photo posted by Harriet (@harrietlifts) on

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I, of course, sported my Cool As x On Point kit combo to combat just how sweaty this class is! Those polka dots not only made me look great, but also kept my performance at the peak for the whole 45-minute class. I'll be treating myself to a fresh set this Christmas for all the hard work I've put in to 2016, I hope you do too! Check out the new collection.

Happy festivities fellow Gibson Girls! #iamagibsongirl