Gym Review // 1Rebel

Let’s start with introductions: I’m Harriet, a northern girl living in London and Gibson Girl's new gym junkie editor. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me running to a gym class, trying something new (and probably healthy) or planning my next gym kit purchase. Here you’ll find a little bit of what I love, my thoughts on a new class, the best healthy food and any other health and fitness news I think will be of interest to you fellow Gibson Girls.

Gibson Girl Gym Junkie 1Rebel

When faced with the opportunity to attend the 1Rebel Open House last weekend, I grabbed it with both hands. Their ethos is one that really resonates with me, and the chance to check out the studios and give their classes a try sounds like a pretty good Saturday too!

Head to toe in Gibson Girl activewear (of course), I’m handed a glass of Prosecco as soon as I’m through the door. The schedule was packed! I hot-footed it into some of their taster sessions – a Rumble Masterclass, a Reshape Introduction and an Ab Blast. I sweated away in my Cool As Crop bra and On Point leggings and felt like a total fox. There’s something about group workouts and boxing that makes me feel amazing.

An all-round top event. You could have your hair braided or blow dried by Barber Blow, have your nails done or get an express massage. I tried the Power Juice, which you can order ready for when you come out of a class, and had the most amazing Pip and Nut butter on toast from their pop up stall. A pretty top Saturday in my book.  

I also managed to catch two of the talks held at the Broadgate studio. Esmee Gummer conquering paralysis – what a Gibson Girl! – and Jonathan Horsfall who completed 27 marathons in 32 days! Both speakers were incredibly interesting and thought provoking: the main thing I took away was the mental side of the game. We hear it time and time again and, although it’s hard to understand, I feel like the message gets louder every time I hear it. You have got to believe in yourself, you’ve got to push yourself harder. You cannot wait for someone else to conquer you battles – they’re conquering their own.  

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