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Real Gibson Girl Stories: Sam aka Positively Orange

Posted on December 04 2018

Sam, also known as @positivelyorange on Instagram, is one of the most positive people you will come across.  18 months ago she was directionless, overweight, sad and bored and could barely walk after a serious foot injury.  Today you are most likely to find her working out at the SPN boutique studios in Tunbridge Wells. So what changed?


“I read Davina McCall’s book “Lessons I’ve Learned”  and something clicked.  I have no idea quite what but something in her outlook gave me the push that I needed to take control of my life.  I signed up to do a 30 day fitness and nutrition program and never looked back.  Two weeks in my 12 year old daughter mentioned that I seemed “more awake” and “happier”.   She was right.  12 months on and I had lost 3 and a half stone in weight, 10 cm from my thighs and my metabolic age had reduced from 58 to 28!  Most importantly I had endless energy,  I felt strong and healthy, I was sleeping better, I felt powerful and in control of myself and I was HAPPY!  Annoyingly so, some would say.  All the time!”

Sam now bounces from one class to another and wants to help other people to feel healthy and strong.  She regularly posts on Instagram as and her followers love her positive energy and happy smile.   She has become something of a non-official mentor to both friends and strangers who have seen what a regular person can achieve and have started to believe in themselves with her help.  “Nothing makes me happier than when I see that look of pure joy and exhilaration on people’s faces as they start to realise that the feeling I have been banging on about for months is real and that they can have it too.”

Sam's Instagram is @positivelyorange and she works out at SPN studio


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