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Boom Cycle - Holborn, London

Posted on October 04 2018

London fitness studio review. Boom Cycle Holborn


What a lunch break we just had! The Shake and Ride class at Boom Cycle sets you up for a productive afternoon like no other lunchtime workout we've experienced. 

A short but intense 30 minute spin class followed by a pre-ordered shake of your choice - ready and waiting for you after your class mean there's still time to stretch, shower and even run an errand in your lunch hour.


London fitness studio review. Boom Cycle Holborn


Upon arrival we were greeted by the friendliest front of house staff who explained to newbies like us how the studio worked, where everything was and even helped us set up our bikes in the studio. 

Chloe the instructor was equally great. With our lack of experience of spinning studios she made us feel comfortable and at ease. The lights went down & Chloe cranked up the tunes. We enjoyed every last second of her encouraging and motivating class. 


London fitness studio review. Boom Cycle Holborn

 So after a quick cool down & shower we grabbed our delicious fresh shakes and left smiling, thoroughly refueled and energised for a productive afternoon ahead. 

Thank you Boom Cycle - We'll most definitely be back  


London fitness studio review. Boom Cycle Holborn 

What I'm wearing:

Top: Strong Not Skinny Tank

Leggings: Tux Tights 7/8

 BOOMCYCLE Instagram: @boomcycle


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